Electronic Cigarette

Water Vapor Cigarette, the Eco-friendly Option

Having suffered for many years with tobacco smoking addictions and on the verge of giving up the pursuit for a better and healthier way of smoking, sheer luck came my way when I met an old friend of mine who had just discovered a newly invented cigarette. After briefing me on the merits of the vapor cigarette I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that this cigarette would totally change my smoking habits for the better.


The water vapor cigarette also known as the electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is similar in shape to the tobacco cigarette though slightly elongated and more advanced in features. It employs three basic parts which work systematically to provide the user with a pleasurable smoking experience. The atomizer, also known as the heating element functions in converting nicotine that has been infused with water into a vaporized state for the purpose of inhalation. The vapor produced provides the user with a unique smoking sensational experience similar to that of traditional cigars.


Another component of the water vapor cigarette is the cartridge commonly known as the mouthpiece. It takes the shape of a small disposable cup which acts as a reservoir for the liquid nicotine awaiting delivery to the atomizer. Various advantages are experienced in the general function of the vapor cigarette. The fact that no combustion takes place within the cigarette means that the fumes emitted is quite odorless hence allowing the user the freedom to smoke in areas restricted to tobacco smoking.


The usage of the vapor cigarette saves the smoker a substantial amount of money in the long run due to the fact that most of its parts are refillable and reusable. The user also gets to maintain the white color of the teeth which would not be the case in ordinary tobacco smoking. The fact that the vapor cigarette releases no harmful fumes to the atmosphere bears witness to the fact that it is environmental friendly. For all the people looking for a pleasurable and healthier way of smoking, my advice would be that you try using the water vapor cigarette. You definitely won’t regret it.